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Barcelona 1934 - Switzerland 1997.
Bea begins his apprenticeship at the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts in Barcelona. In 1958, he took up residence in Switzerland, where he came into contact with post-surrealist groups. He remained in Zurich until 1962, when Bea returned to Barcelona, becoming part of the Barcelona art scene with a work halfway between informalism and new figuration. In his paintings the heritage of the Bretonnian movement is mixed with a material treatment in the manner of Fautrier and Dubuffet; Not in vain is it related in its beginnings to Dau al Set.

From 1965, and during the 1970s, his style evolved towards greater figuration, defined by the appearance of surreal motifs that float in a diffuse space. The work of Max Ernst, an artist whom Bea admires since the time he lived in Switzerland, has a decisive influence on his work. In 1979 Bea moved to the Costa Brava, where, starting in 1982, he worked on three-dimensional works with polyester, technological materials and waste objects, such as his Experiences with methacrylate (1983). All of this without ever abandoning the graphic side, which began at the age of fourteen with his entry into an illustration workshop, which is reflected in various portfolios of engravings and lithographs.

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