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Lluís Graner (Barcelona, 1863 - Barcelona, 1929) was a specialized genre painter who also explored landscape and portrait painting. His artistic training began at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where he studied under Benito Mercadé. In 1886, he was awarded a scholarship from the Provincial Council of Barcelona to further his studies in Paris, where he stayed for five years.

Graner participated in national and international exhibitions, including those in Berlin (1891), Munich (1892), Düsseldorf (1904), and Paris (1889). He submitted his paintings to the National Fine Arts Exhibitions, winning third medals in 1895 and 1897 for works titled "La conjura" (The Conspiracy) and "Remordimiento" (Remorse), respectively. In 1901, he received another third medal for the painting "El comité rojo" (The Red Committee) and a decoration in the 1904 edition. Graner was also awarded a third medal at the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona in 1888.

His body of work reflects a dedication to genre painting, capturing scenes of everyday life and often exploring historical or dramatic themes. Lluís Graner’s contributions to the art world have left a mark, particularly in the realm of genre painting, showcasing his skills and artistic vision.

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