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Xavier Grau, born in Barcelona in 1951, stands out as a prominent figure in contemporary Spanish painting over the past few decades. His work bears resemblances to geometric abstraction, particularly with American abstract art. Although his painting appears to be spontaneous, relying on gesture and color, it actually responds to careful structure and composition.

Grau’s distinctive technique involves a succession of overlapping layers. Strokes and planes of color accumulate in successive applications, revealing the different layers of overlapping pigment. This process of correction and redefinition contributes to the dense and baroque appearance of his work. Each new stroke is a reinterpretation of the previous one, resulting in an accumulative development of revisions.

In addition to his work in painting, Grau applies the same discursive principles to his prints. His focus on the accumulation of layers and continuous reinterpretation of strokes reflects a profound exploration of form and structure in contemporary art.

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