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PABLO PALAZUELO (1916 - 2007):

Pablo Palazuelo, born in Madrid in 1916 and passing away in 2007, was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and engraver recognized for his pivotal role in promoting GEOMETRIC ABSTRACTION in Spain.

Studying architecture in Madrid and at the Royal Institute of British Architects in Oxford, Palazuelo initially explored neocubist works influenced by Paul Klee. However, by 1947-48, he transitioned into abstraction, marked by a strong geometric and mathematical component, influenced by his readings of Mircea Eliade, Gaston Bachelard, and Eastern philosophies.

In 1948, Palazuelo went to Paris with a French government scholarship, residing in the Colegio de España, where he met sculptor Chillida. Despite his artwork’s apparent simplicity, Palazuelo’s paintings concealed a profound theoretical complexity, exploring the laws of nature with geometric and mathematical precision.

Returning to Spain in 1969 and settling in Monroy (Caceres), Palazuelo delved into the "Monroy" series, investigating the relationship between graphic signs and music, resulting in "musical" paintings.

From 1979 onward, he consistently produced both sculpture and paintings. His honors include the Kandinsky Prize in 1952, the Carnegie Prize in 1958, and the Gold Medal of Fine Arts in 1982.

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