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Antonio Saura, an artist whose work is endowed with a creative force that makes him unique, with an advanced language for his time, placing him at a level of great international recognition.


Huesca, 1930 - Cuenca, 1998
A renowned Spanish artist, he was one of the founders of the EL PASO group and one of the major figures emerging in post-war Spain.

Being self-taught, Saura started painting at the age of 15 during the convalescence of a long illness.

In 1953, he moved to Paris, where he sought his own artistic path through surrealism. Soon, he realized that the logical outcome of surrealism’s spontaneous creations was aformalism, a movement he actively supported in 1957 along with Millares, Feito, and Canogar, founding the El Paso group.

Saura’s style is defined as monochrome, using only black or almost monochrome, introducing browns and grays, while being gestural, never denying the narrative.

Avoiding formal abstraction, he became a powerful expressionist, rejecting traditional forms of representation.

His graphic work is usually based on compositions of numerous figures in irregular compositions.

Saura is internationally recognized, as evidenced by his works being in the most important MUSEUMS worldwide.


1956 - Palacio de Bibliotecas y Museos de Madrid

1959 - Galerie Stadler Paris

1960 - Galleria Odyssia Roma

1961 - Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York

1963 - Drawings and Paintings by Saura Palais des Beaux-Arts Brussels - Rotterdamsche Kunstkring Rotterdam - Museum of Modern Art Buenos Aires - Museum of Modern Art Rio de Janeiro

1964 - Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

1966 - Casa de las Americas Havana

1968 - Galerie van de Loo Munich

1975 - Galerie Nouvelles Images The Hague

1979 - Antonio Saura (retrospective) Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

1980 - Antonio Saura / Anthological Exhibition 1948-1980 Sala Tiepolo Madrid - National Gallery Reykjavik - 1980 - Antonio Saura / Anthological Exhibition 1948-1980 Fundació Joan Miró Barcelona

1981 - Antonio Saura / Moi Art Front Gallery Tokyo

1985 - Antonio Saura / Works on Paper from Thirty Years - Berlin series 1984-85 Kunstamt Wedding Berlin

1986 - Antonio Saura / Crucifixions, Cathedrals, Autos-da-Fé, Shrouds Neue Galerie - Sammlung Ludwig Aachen

1988 - The Quijote of Antonio Saura Marcelino Botin Foundation Santander

1989 - Saura / Paintings of the sixties Sert Gallery - Harvard University Cambridge, MA (U.S.A.)

1992 - Saura / Drawings Palau de la Virreina Barcelona

1994 - Antonio Saura / Four Series Print Museum Fuendetodos - Antonio Saura (retrospective) Museo d’Arte Moderna Lugano

1997 - Antonio Saura / Imagine 1956-1997 Konsthall Malmö - 1998 - Antonio Saura / Imaginary Portraits Stefan Ropke Gallery Cologne - Antonio Saura in the Valencian Collections IVAM Valencia

2002 - Antonio Saura / Crucifixions Nordisches Museum Linz

2003 - Antonio Saura / Ukrzyzowania / Crucifixions National Museum Krakow

2004 - Antonio Saura / Crucifixions Cobra Museum Amsterdam

2005 - The Quijote of Antonio Saura Cervantes Institute New York, Rome, Brussels - Itineraries of Antonio Saura Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia Madrid


1971 - Millares / Saura Pierre Matisse Gallery New York

1983 - Chillida, Saura and Tapies Nouvelles Images Gallery The Hague

1985 - Constant / Saura / Vedova, Antonio Saura / Luge und Traum Kunsthalle Hamburg

1986 - Pelayo / Saura Musee du Chateau Annecy

1988 - Antonio and Carlos Saura: Pictures, Drawings, Stage Sketches Kampnagel, Halle K3 Hamburg

1990 - Sauromaquia et Bescomachie Musee Taurin Nimes


- Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid.
- Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.
- Museum of Modern Art, New York.
- Museum of Modern Art, Los Angeles.
- Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.
- British Museum, London.
- Tate Gallery, London.
- Guggenheim Museum, New York.

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