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Information and Purchase

Art pieces of renown artists can be purchased by monthly payments with no interest charges.
Payment through Paypal or bank transfer.

A piece of art as a special and exclusive present.

Prices include taxes and are subject to change.

If you need more information, please contact us.

How to purchase

After selecting the art piece, select the function “buy now” and make the payment using Paypal or credit card. Once the purchase process is verified, we will send you the art piece within one week (in Spain). For other countries the buyer will receive an email with all the details.

In case the requested art work is not in available, your payment will be returned within 10 days. The orders will be processed in the order of receipt. The frameless art piece will be sent using strengthened packaging by a specialized transport company. The shipping, handling and transport will be charged to Galeria Dolors Junyent.

Post Office boxes are not allowed.

From the date of receipt of the art piece the buyer has 10 days to return it. First, please notify us about the return prior to sending it back using the same strengthened packaging of the specialized transport company. These expenses will be charged to the buyer. The amount equal to the purchase price will be returned by bank transfer once we have received the art piece and verified that it is undamaged .

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Fax: 34.93.487.63.51

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