Amat, Frederic - Ref 3008 S.T.1

 - Ref 3008 S.T.1
Mixed media on paper
58 x 76 cm


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Amat painter and stage designer restless and creative personality, makes a painting informalista, bold and dynamic. One of the great creators in constant evolution.

Frederic Amat was born in Barcelona in 1952 where he studied architecture and painting, and set design techniques with Fabia Puigserver.
From 1975 Amat traveled through Africa, Mexico and the United States, until in 1982 he returned to Barcelona. These trips were an important influence on his art.

His art fits into experimental and conceptual trends of the 70s, and is characterized by its unique iconography and the use of unconventional materials: collage, assemblage, pasta, cardboard, paper, reeds, twigs, fabric, resin and daily utensils.

Frederic Amat has exhibited his work in Paris (1976), Milan (1980), Bonn (1981), Berlin (1982), San Francisco (1988), New York (1984-85, 1987, 1991-92), Barcelona, Fundaci Mir, Mexico City, at the Foundation Rufino Tamayo, etc..

In 1986 Frederic Amat began creating sets for theater and dance, and helped assemblies: "The public" by Federico Garcia Lorca (with Fabi Puigserver, 1986), "Tirano Banderas", Valle-Inclan (1992 ) and "Esperant Godoy Tot" Beckett (1999).
Between 1996 and 1998, have exhibited their ceramics and posters. He has also directed with Cesc Gelabert the show "Zum-zum-ka" presented in 1998 at the Festival of Music and Dance in Granada. Another of his works has been directing the film Journey to the Moon (1998).

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