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Biography of Francisco Farreras (Barcelona, September 7, 1927):

Francisco Farreras, born on September 7, 1927, in Barcelona, is a prominent Spanish artist whose career spans various artistic disciplines, including painting, sculpture, and jewelry design. His artistic journey is characterized by constant evolution and experimentation with different techniques and materials.

Key Stages and Achievements:

Early Formation: Farreras began his artistic activity early under the guidance of painters such as Antonio Gómez Cano and Mariano de Cossío.

Fine Arts Studies: He studied at the Escuela de San Fernando in Madrid, obtaining the title of Drawing Professor in 1949.

Study Trips: He undertook study trips to Paris, Belgium, and the Netherlands between 1952 and 1954.

Professional Career (1950s): He started his artistic career in 1954, participating in numerous collective and individual exhibitions in Spain and abroad.

Mural for the Castillo de las Navas del Marqués (1956): He won a competition for the project and execution of 13 fresco paintings for the chapel of Castillo de las Navas del Marqués, Ávila.

Experimentation with Collages: From 1958-1959, his work was characterized by a geometric and thick materials phase. He discovered tissue paper and began creating collages, exploring new expressive possibilities.

Trip to New York (1960s): In 1963, he traveled to Scandinavia and Mexico, finally settling in New York for two years. He created a mural-collage commissioned for the Spanish Pavilion at the New York World’s Fair.

Return to Spain (1966): He returned to Spain and settled on the outskirts of Madrid, where he continued his artistic production.

Change in Technique (1980s): From 1982, he temporarily abandoned collage and experimented with volumetric works called "coudrages," using sewn woods and fabrics. Later, he switched to wooden reliefs.

Recognitions and Commissions: In 1995, he participated in the ARCO fair in Madrid, winning the second international prize awarded by the Association of Art Critics for the best exhibited work.

Retrospective in Madrid (1999-2000): A retrospective exhibition was held at the Centro Cultural de la Villa in Madrid between October 1999 and January 2000.

Later Stages (from 2004): From 2004, Farreras began a new stage in which volume took a back seat, experimenting with almost flat surfaces and seeking synthesis.

Recent Exhibitions and Recognitions: Throughout the following decades, he continued participating in exhibitions in Madrid, Lisbon, Porto, and Munich, exploring new forms and techniques.

The work of Francisco Farreras reflects his constant search for artistic expression through experimentation with various styles and mediums, leaving a significant legacy in the contemporary art scene.

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