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Gimeno Manuel

En estos momentos no disponemos de ninguna obra de este artista

Barcelona, ​​1983

Manuel Gimeno would have been, in the words of Lourdes Cirlot, the favorite disciple of Josef Albers. This statement, which the artist is delighted to accept, seems to us the ideal starting point to make a brief summary of his journey in the world of art.

He made his first plastic works around the year 2000. After a year studying classical philology, he entered the Faculty of Art History, where he participated in his first art exhibition together with other classmates. In parallel to his studies, he continued to dedicate himself to his artistic work and officially made his debut in the art world in 2008. He did so with his first individual exhibition, held in Barcelona at the Joan Prats Artgrafic Gallery, where he would repeat two years later. They followed an exhibition in Girona, at the Galeria Presenta, participation in the first Ars Libris fairs and collaborations with other creators, among which the composer Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny and the poet Vicenç Altaio stand out. He has also worked with the Miquel Alzueta Gallery and his work has been present in various European fairs.

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