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Marti Alsina


Barcelona 1826 - Barcelona 1894
Painter. Orphan at the age of eight, despite the economic difficulties could study drawing at School of Halle (1840-44) and obtained also a bachelor�s degree in Philosophy (1845). He combined two works: portrait photographer and French translator of books. He also wrote verse dramas with romantic influence, which never came to be published.

Married to Carlota Aguilo (1860), Marti Alsina became shortly after, teacher of arithmetic and geometry at the school of Llotja (1852) and afterwards teacher of figure�s drawing (1854). During his trips to Paris he met Courbet�s works, which in the mid-nineteenth revolutionized the pictorial world of the French capital. This influence led him to create his own style and analytical maximum of formal realism in drawing, color and light, with a theme that tried to reflect all possible objectivity world surrounding the artist, ie The countryside of Catalonia and its inhabitants recorded in the notes to, taken directly from the natural to the canvas.

He scored third medal (1858) and second medal (1860) at the National Exhibitions of Fine Arts in Madrid. Elected to the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona (1859), resigned after seven years (1866), for political reasons. The pure realism, characteristic of the artist�s early years, are replaced in the late sixties style synthetic, more sensational, while the subject extended since, in addition to the portraits, landscapes and urban views, are figures and nudes, seascapes, still lifes, allegories, genre scenes and compositions to historical monuments such as El gran dia de Girona, near eleven feet wide.

Upon the death of his first wife (1878), he lived in Paris for over a year, and visited Belgium and Holland. When Marti Alsina returned to Barcelona organized numerous factories, where employees worked for the artist, produced many paintings, retouched or directed by the teacher. The organization did not work economically, and lately Marti Alsina�s reputation suffers. The number of works are about 4 000.

Married in second marriage with Francisca Chillida (1889), in recent years reappeared in lonely genius, seeking new forms of expression, with a touch undone, close to Impressionism. The importance of Mart� Alsina is mainly due to the fact of having introduced realism in Catalan painting, but also to work as a teacher of a generation of new artists, which instills a spirit of renewal. Vayreda Urgell Galofre, Tusquets, Pellicer Torrescassana, Armet and Pahissa, among the best known, passed by the workshop of the artist and the influence they received. With him, therefore, there is a break in the progress of the arts in the Principality. Has generally been considered the initiator of the Catalan school of modern painting.

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