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Joaquim Mir Trinxet (Barcelona, 1873 - 1940) was an exceptional painter and one of the foremost representatives of Impressionist painting in the Spanish state.

Mir began his artistic education at the Llotja School in Barcelona and later continued his studies in Paris, where he was exposed to the avant-garde movements of the time. His early works were influenced by Symbolism, but he later embraced the Impressionist style, characterized by the use of light and color to capture the effects of atmosphere and natural light.

He participated in various exhibitions, including the Universal Exhibition in Barcelona in 1907 and the Exhibition of the National Fine Arts Society in Madrid. His work garnered attention for its innovative and distinctive approach to capturing landscapes and scenes from everyday life.

Joaquim Mir’s paintings often featured scenes from Catalonia, particularly the landscapes of Mont-roig del Camp, where he spent long periods. His art reflects a deep connection with nature and a commitment to capturing the essence of the moment.

Mir’s contribution to the development of Impressionism in Spain has been widely recognized, and his works continue to be celebrated for their expressive use of color and light.

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