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Barcelona 1928 - 1994

Moisés Villàlia y Sanmartín was a Catalan sculptor and poet.

At the end of the sixties, he lived for a long period in Paris, later in Quito and in Buenos Aires between 1969 and 1972.

He was part of Club 49 and collaborated closely with many artists of the time, both Catalan, Spanish and French.

In 1954, he held his first individual exhibition at the Municipal Museum of Mataró. In 1956, he participated in the IX October Salon in Barcelona, ​​and a year later he presented his first cane sculpture at the same event.

In 1960, he was selected for the first exhibition of the new Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, ​​and the following year he was entrusted with the direction, set design and costumes of the play "El Bello Lugar" by Joan Brossa, at the FAD headquarters. .

In 1986, he experimented with incorporating ceramics into his bamboo sculptures.

In 1990, the Girona Contemporary Art Center organized a large anthological exhibition in his honor. Two years later, he created a monumental sculpture for the La Brisa public square in Mataró.

After his death, the Exhibition at the IVAM in Valencia (1999) and the Exhibition at the Fontana de Oro in Girona (2005) stand out.

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