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Barbara - Ref 2748 A Goya

 - Ref 2748 A Goya
Etching PA
Signed and numbered
64,5 x 49,5 cm


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Barcelona, ​​1927 - 2014

Master and engraving artist, as well as a painter and draftsman, he created his first workshop at the age of 23. At the age of 30, in Paris, he created L Atelier de Recherches Plastiques et Techniques Calcographiques with Lluis Bracons, where he began a great friendship and collaboration with Dalí and Miró, working in the intaglio workshops of this city.

In 1966 and in Barcelona, ​​Barbará directed the Ediciones La Cometa workshops, where Picasso, Hartung, Fontana, Tàpies and Chillida recorded.

In parallel with his collaborative work on editions of other artists, he exhibits his work in galleries and museums. He exhibits Suite Bodegones in the Maeght gallery, with a catalog and traveling throughout Europe. Negre sobre Negre series, Miró Foundation catalog and roaming. Bibliophile’s book and suite of large engravings and drawings; Empúries, beginning of a return, Itinerant through the Mediterranean, with catalog and facsimile of the book. Mediterrani, graphic work. Museu de les Drassanes. Paris-Olot bibliophile book; Olot Foundation Award.

A member of the Royal Academy of Sant Jordi, Barbará obtains awards and tributes from several countries.

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