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Castillo - Ref 2767

 - Ref 2767
Etching 7 / 75
Signed and numbered
76 x 56 cm


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Painter and engraver, with a great mastery of drawing, Jorge Castillo is represented in major international museums.


Jorge Castillo Casalderrey was born in Pontevedra in 1933.
He spent his childhood in Argentina, where his father had to emigrate for political reasons.
An irregular student, an accident led him to work in a mechanical industry, where he learned technical drawing. He began to familiarize himself with contemporary painting and read incessantly.
From 1950, Castillo intermittently devoted himself to painting and became friends with notable Galicians residing in Buenos Aires, such as Laxeiro, Manuel Colmeiro Guimarães, and Luis Seoane.
He stayed in Argentina until 1956, the year he returned to Spain and completed military service in Zaragoza, where he used his free time to paint. In 1958, he became friends with Juana Mordó, then in charge of the Biosca Gallery. He associated with renowned Spanish artists and established residence in Barcelona, where he married in 1961 and was widowed two years later. Later, he settled in Paris and met the Italian Marienza Binetti, whom he portrayed constantly for years.
In the late 1960s, Castillo’s work gained recognition throughout Europe and in New York. His large triptych titled "Palomares," about the incident of the atomic bomb lost by the Americans in the waters of the lower Mediterranean, gained worldwide fame.
In 1969, he was invited to reside and work for a year in Berlin, where he created numerous paintings, prints, and sculptures. In the 1960s, Castillo’s fame solidified, and he exhibited in major galleries worldwide.
In 1977, the first monograph on the artist, written by Werner Haftmaum, was published. Others by foreign historians, such as Ratcliff, followed.
In 1982, the Marlborough Gallery in New York became his representative. His sculptures are placed in public spaces in the most important cities in Western Europe. Important museums, such as the Guggenheim in New York, acquired his work, where Castillo established his residence and had a spacious studio.
In his hometown, Pontevedra, a special room was dedicated to him during the celebration of the Biennial in 1988. The mentioned New York gallery and the Meadows Museum in Dallas, Texas, dedicated major exhibitions to him, which were repeated in Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela in 1990.
Jorge Castillo’s work is featured in museums around the world. Santiago de Compostela will be the home of his permanent museum. His work leans towards surrealism, although at times, it is also close to a certain very personal hyperrealism.

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