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Genovart - Ref 4339

 - Ref 4339
Oil on canvas
50 x 65 cm


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Jaume Genovart Llopis (1941 - 1994) was born in Barcelona. The grandson of a linotypist and son of a bookseller, he was raised in a world of writing and a passion for graphic design, calligraphy, and landscapes—all characteristics that became prominent in his artwork.

Initially starting studies in Arts and Crafts and Economics, Genovart abandoned these pursuits to fully dedicate himself to painting. Despite being self-taught, he embarked on his artistic journey around 1963. His style absorbed influences from expressionism and surrealism, evolving towards a lyrical abstraction marked by calligraphic gestures and dynamic rhythmic symbols, arabesques, letters, and linear figures in vibrant flat inks, creating a musical effect more reliant on the spontaneity of the stroke than the color itself—a plastic ideology that characterizes his work.

From 1972 onward, following his first exhibition in Barcelona, Genovart regularly showcased his work in prestigious galleries in Spain and Germany. Passionate about space and landscapes, he entered a phase of cosmic painting, crafting astronomical and spatial landscapes imbued with aggression and violence. Towards the late 1970s, he began contributing regularly to the press and designed covers for various publications and books.

Starting in the late 1970s, Genovart entered his most significant phase in terms of exhibitions. He participated in numerous international exhibitions across various European countries, America, and Asia.

In 1980, he approached a more classical landscape. It was during this period that writing reinforced its value and became the determining element in his work.

Genovart was notable for his brilliant originality in handling the challenging technique of painting on printed paper, often using antique documents and musical scores.

He represented Spain in the São Paulo Biennial, Rijeka, the New Delhi Triennial, and Alexandria. His easily recognizable unreal paintings and landscapes were characterized by gesturalism, color, and the incorporation of signs, letters, and numbers.

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