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Casas - Ref 3503

 - Ref 3503
Oil oncanvas
90,5 x 42,5 cm
Certificate of Authenticity

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Barcelona, 4 January 1866 - Barcelona, 29 February 1932

Ramon Casas i Carbó was an outstanding painter, draughtsman and poster artist, closely linked to Impressionism and considered one of the driving forces behind Catalan Modernisme. He was born on 4 January 1866 in Barcelona and died on 29 February 1932 in the same city.

Famous for his portraits and paintings that capture the essence of the social, intellectual, economic and political elite of Barcelona, Madrid and Paris, Ramon Casas was noted for his ability to capture the personality of his models. His work reflects the evolution of the society of the time, witnessing and actively participating in cultural and artistic changes.

In addition to his work as a painter, Casas also worked as a graphic designer. His posters and postcards contributed significantly to the shaping of the concept of Catalan Modernisme, leaving an indelible mark on the aesthetics of the period. His work was not only limited to the artistic sphere, but he also took an active part in the cultural and social life of his time.

Ramon Casas i Carbó left an artistic and cultural legacy that continues to be recognised and admired, contributing to the enrichment of Catalonia’s artistic heritage and leaving a lasting mark on the history of modern art.

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