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Matilla - Ref 1795 Costa Brava

 - Ref 1795 Costa Brava
Oil on canvas
Signed and dated
100 x 115 cm
Certificate of authenticity

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**Segundo Matilla i Marina (Madrid, 1862 - Teia, Barcelona, 1937)** was a painter born in Madrid and settled and trained in Catalonia.

He studied Fine Arts at the Llotja in Barcelona under the direction of Antoni Caba. He specialized in landscape and marine painting, with a marked preference for sunsets in the manner of Eliseo Meifren. He participated in the International Exhibition of Barcelona in 1891, where he was distinguished with an Honorary Diploma, and also in the exhibitions of 1894, 1896, and 1898. He also took part in the Art Exhibitions of Barcelona in 1918 and 1919, and the Paris Salon of 1897.

In 1914, he had a solo exhibition at the Sala Pares in Barcelona, featuring a total of one hundred and fifty works, including portraits, landscapes, and marine scenes. In 1915, he exhibited at the Salón Vilches in Madrid, where all the exhibited works were sold. The Museum of Modern Art in Madrid acquired two portraits and some marine paintings. During this period, a significant portion of his production was exported to America.

He excelled as an excellent portraitist, demonstrating great efficiency in technical mastery, although it was his landscapes and marine paintings that brought him fame. Among his disciples, his nephew, the painter Joaquim Terruella, and the no less important painter Antoni Rosell Altimira, both Catalans, stand out.

His work can be found in various museums, including the Prado Museum in Madrid, the National Art Museum of Catalonia in Barcelona, as well as in significant international private collections.

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