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Munoz - Ref. 2019 L.M. 2

 - Ref. 2019 L.M. 2
Etching H.C.
Signed and numbered
56 x 76 cm


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Lucio Muñoz, born in Madrid in 1929 and passing away in 1998, was a renowned Spanish painter and graphic artist known for his association with Informalism. His work, characterized by the use of diverse materials, is forceful, elegant, and impactful, with a prevalence of dark colors.

Muñoz studied at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid under the guidance of Eduardo Chicharro. After his academic training, he came into contact with Madrid’s realist painters, including Antonio López, the López Hernández brothers, and his future wife, the painter Amalia Avia. In 1956, Muñoz received a scholarship from the French government, providing him the opportunity to explore Art Autre, the work of artists such as Tapies and Dubuffet.

Although associated with the El Paso group, he did not formally join it. His oeuvre, predominantly coloristic with a prevalence of black, stands as a representative example of pure Informalism.

Muñoz’s work has been showcased in over eighty solo and group exhibitions across various cities in Spain, Europe, and America. He participated in the XXX Venice Biennale and featured in major international exhibitions, including those held in New York’s Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

Lucio Muñoz passed away in 1998, leaving behind a legacy of impactful and elegant paintings that contribute to the rich tapestry of Spanish contemporary art.

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