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Barcelo - Ref 4155 Mali

 - Ref 4155 Mali
Gouache on paper
Signed and dated
49 x 65 cm
Certificate of authenticity

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Felanitx (Mallorca), 1957
Barceló occupies one of the most outstanding places among Spanish painters and in the current international market.
His work reflects, right from the start, a notable interest in motifs from nature, both terrestrial and maritime, treated with a dense, thick and generally dark palette, which has had a great influence on his younger colleagues.
Barceló studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Palma de Mallorca and, in 1974, at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona. The following year he returned to Mallorca and became part of Taller Lunatic, a conceptual art group.
In the 1980s he travelled around Europe, the United States and West Africa.
In 1981 he took part in the Sao Paolo Biennial, where his works show influences of German neo-expressionism and Italian trans-avant-garde. His big breakthrough came in 1982, when Rudi Fuchs, who was organising the Kasel Dokumenta, chose him to represent Spanish painting. His fame continued to grow, and in 1987 he became the second Spanish painter with the highest sales volume at the Arco fair that year, second only to Tapies.
The year 1988 marked a turning point in Barceló’s already meteoric career: he made his first trip to Africa. From then on, not only did he incorporate African materials and themes into his work, but he also set up a workshop, in addition to the one in Paris and Mallorca, somewhere in Mali, which he prefers not to reveal.

Barceló has been the subject of retrospective exhibitions at institutions such as: - CAPC, Bordeaux (1985) - Musee d’Art Contemporain, Nîmes (1991) - IVAM, Valencia (1995) - Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (1996) - Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires (1997) - MACBA, Barcelona (1998) - Palermo City Hall, in the church of Santa Eulalia dei Catalani (1998) - Museo de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid (1999).

In 2003 he received the Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts.

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