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Forteza - Ref 2717

 - Ref 2717
Etching 4 / 36
Signed and numbered
33,5 x 36 cm


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Rafa Forteza, born in Palma de Mallorca in 1955, is a painter, sculptor, and engraver whose art reflects an infinite, inspired, reasoned, and free world. His work is full of energy, portraying a unique world where circular, filiform, and irregular forms take center stage.

Forteza began his career with a body of work that aligns with gestural abstraction, where fragmentation played a fundamental role and continued to shape his later production. In the early 1980s, he shifted away from this abstraction and ventured into neo-expressionism. By the late 1980s, he radically broke with this style, a commitment to rupture that persisted throughout his entire trajectory. This break eventually led him to a period of reconstruction where he eliminated all figurative references, resulting in a mature painting style with unique pieces.

His work, which could also be related to Arte Povera due to his stylized sculptural creations, or Art Brut, reflects pure creativity untainted by the imitation of established models. Forteza began his professional journey in the 1980s, earning international awards, and his work is increasingly included in major collections both nationally and internationally. He is a consistent presence at art fairs such as ARCO, Art Basel, or Art Cologne. Awarded multiple times by the Miró Foundation, Rafa Forteza’s work is showcased worldwide.

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