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Granyer - Ref 4258 Bestiari: esser hibrid

 - Ref 4258 Bestiari: esser hibrid
Watercolor and drawing
21,5 x 17,5 cm
1945 - 46


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Josep Granyer i Giralt (Barcelona 1899 - 1983) was a Catalan artist renowned for his captivating sculptures, drawings, engravings, and illustrations for bibliophile books.

He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona. In 1917, he founded the group Los Evolucionistas, along with sculptors like Apel·les Fenosa and Joan Rebull, with whom he worked in his workshop to further his artistic education.

Granyer was a close friend of Ángel Ferrant and an active member of the avant-garde, aligning with the Manifesto of the Group of Independent Artists.

He created animalistic sculptures in which animals adopted human postures with a touch of irony. Examples of this are the sculptures located on Barcelona’s Rambla Catalunya: "El toro sentado" (The Seated Bull) and "La jirafa coqueta" (The Flirtatious Giraffe).

Despite always residing in Barcelona, he regularly traveled throughout Europe, especially to Paris, where, in 1957, his work "Be poeta" was acquired by the French state.

Granyer achieved recognition with various awards, participating as a sculptor, engraver, and draftsman in the most important exhibitions in Barcelona during his time, such as the Municipal Spring Exhibitions and the Autumn Salons, as well as in art galleries.

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